We're Coastal Community Bank, and we're thrilled to be your new neighbor.

Ever since we opened our first branch twenty years ago, we've been committed to helping small businesses in Washington grow stronger - and to helping strengthen the communities we're a part of every day.

Woodinville is an amazing community, and it already feels like home to us. In fact, many of our bankers live right here - and they're eager to help with whatever banking needs you have.

We look forward to meeting you soon at our new branch:
17601 140th Avenue NE.

Here are a few of the neighbors we've met!

This is the start of something beautiful
First stop, pet food bought and loaded… Where to next?
We found a home for our donations. Can we find a home for this little one?
Homeward Pet is equally committed to finding forever homes for cats and kittens.
Let's bring some sunshine to this beauty! Visit Homeward Pets to adopt!
Hello Homeward Pets. Thanks for all YOU do!
And this one...
And this one...
Hello Mercury Coffee! Great coffee, great staff at the Garden Way location!
This drink is on us!
And this one...
Thanks for the chance to serve your customers! We are big fans!
And this one...
And this one...
And this one...
Our hello ambassador is at it again. First stop is to see what's cooking at the Pizza Coop.
What a pleasure meeting local owners, Bryan and Christie Streit. We are excited to sponsor the Pizza Coop's First Annual Golf Tournament!
Fresh from the oven! Now to find some deserving good deed doers...
Hello Woodinville Fire & Rescue
Our Hello Ambassador meets some of the crew.
Hats off to our local fire fighters!
In honor of National Preparedness Month, we wanted to share some pizza love with Station 31.
Remember to thank your neighborhood responders every chance you get!
Thinking about community preparedness...We know just the place for our next stop.
Our Hello Ambassador filled the bin. Let's keep that bin full all year long!
Hello Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank. Thanks for all YOU do!
Donations to the Woodinville Storehouse Food Bank benefit Woodinville, Bothell, Kirkland, Kenmore and Redmond.
Nice recommendation from Team Molbaks! These are sure to brighten someone's day!
MUMS THE WORD where these are going next...
Thanks to the amazing employees at Molbak's who are ready with a smile to help!
Kuddos to Woodinville real estate agents like those at John L Scott for helping our community grow!!
Hello Windermere!
Nice digs! Enjoy your mums and cookies!
Hello Sotheby's!
Thanks Sotheby's for posing for pictures! We appreciate the warm reception!
Hello RE/MAX!
So fun meeting new people, like the nice folks at RE/MAX!
What a great staff! We'll leave the coffee making to them. We can at least buy a few rounds.
Hello Mercury Coffee! We needed another fix so we stopped by Hilltop Center.
You get a coffee!
And you get a coffee!
And you get a coffee!
This is a two-fer deal! Enjoy your coffee!
What a joy! We got to meet Princess Aurora and her court of maidens.
Hello Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center! Thanks for all YOU do!
Since 1976, Little Bit has uplifted the spirits of children and adults with disabilities.
We are in love with the staff and the four-legged therapists!
This Little Bit stole our hearts!
Little Bit staffer and volunteer were joined by Nelly.
This Fjord beauty, Ronan, came by to say hello.
Anastasia struck a pose for the camera.
Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center Dunmire Stables offers year-round riding in nearby Redmond.
Little Bit Horses enjoying some outdoor time.
Our Hello Ambassador left behind a few small gestures of thanks for the 350 volunteers and 230 riders each week.
And our Hello Ambassador is off on her next delivery...
Another homegrown Woodinville Business to be proud of!
Hello Woodinville Bagel Bakery! What a great way to jump start someone's day!
We love that Woodinville loves their animals! Cascade Kennels is no exception!
Hello Cascade Kennels! They provide boarding, daycare, grooming and training here in Woodinville.
Making connections is part of being a good neighbor so we left some Grizzly Super Treats from local manufacturer Grizzly Pet Products. There are so many cool things about Woodinville to discover!
Hello Home Court! Thanks for helping boys and girls win on and off the court!
Hello Maltby Café! We love what you do!
All smiles here... Maltby Café owner and guest strike a pose for our Hello Ambassador.
Our Hello Ambassador is about to make someone's day a lot sweeter!
The Maltby Café has been serving up fresh for over 20 years!
Smiles are infectious around here and nearly as irresistible as the cinnamon rolls!
Hello Woodinville Medical Center Pharmacy! Thanks for supporting the medical needs of our community.
We thought they might need a little extra dose of sweetness with flu season approaching!
Hello United Metals! Just a 10 minute drive north of Woodinville and you can turn scrap metal into dollars. They also offer their service as a fundraiser for schools and non-profits. Thank you neighbor!
United Metals offers onsite and container delivery options.
The best part of the service they provide is their people. Knowledgeable staff are ready to help six days a week.
Our Hello Ambassador gathering donations for another organization in need. Where's she headed?
Hello Maltby Food Bank! Thanks for always putting your Clients first. We applaud your efforts!
We wish for a day that communities won't need a food bank at all, but how nice is it that Woodinville has two great organizations that serve the area. his delivery is for you Maltby Food Bank.
Who can't use a smile and a box of cinnamon rolls first thing in the morning? Thanks Seattle Cinnamon Roll Co. Can we just say YUM?!
A new day and a whole lot of sweetness! Our Hello Ambassador has made her first stop of the day. Wonder who is on the list to receive these sweet treats today…
Good Morning Rotary Club of Woodinville! This active club meets Tuesday mornings at 7 am at the Sammamish Valley Grange.
We are excited to share the news and support Blingofest 2017.
Hello Woodinville Florist! We love the way you do local! Check out the homegrown flowers and treats from Washington!
One of the faces behind the flower power at Woodinville Florist.
Our Hello Ambassador picked up a bouquet or two. More people to meet and places to go...
Flowers and sunshine welcomed us at Woodinville Florist today.
Hello Pony Mailbox & Business Center! We thought they deserved their own special delivery! What a great place to send a faraway Hello. They package odd shapes and wine too!
Hello Woodinville Physical Therapy! We applaud over 30 years of service to the Woodinville community. That's a great aspiration for any local business!
Hello Northshore Schools Foundation! Thanks for all YOU do!
Northshore Schools Foundation is a local 501c3 non-profit that supports the Northshore School District to fund programs and resources that benefit every student.
Our Hello Ambassador is getting ready for another day of meeting our community neighbors. Who doesn't love a donut?!
Hello BrioTech! It was so great to meet you today!
Manufacturers are key to the success of a thriving community. Thanks for employing so many of our neighbors and contributing to healthy communities world wide.
Another great day! We also visited a couple of our neighbors who chose not to have their photos or names published on social media. So here's a picture of one of our kittens.
Northshore Schools Foundation is a local 501c3 non-profit that supports the Northshore School District to fund programs and resources that benefit every student.
Let the sun shine in! Our Hello Ambassador is ready for another day of paying it forward!
Hello McLendon Hardware! We knew exactly where to go for our next "pay-it-forward" idea. Stopped in to see the awesome staff and to pick up a gift card. Wonder who it's for?
Thanks for being such great sports Matt and Verna!
Hello Woodinville Repertory Theatre! We love to celebrate organizations with local roots!
Can't wait to make someone's day! Molbak's Garden + Homes makes it easy to do just that.
Hello Woodinville Weekly! Thanks for keeping the community connected!
We wrapped up another great week in Woodinville. We have met so many great people along the way. We look forward to more opportunities to meet you.
The Hello Ambassador is officially out representing Coastal today.
Now that the cat's out of the bag... Coastal Bankers Scott Vaagen and Ben Willins introduced themselves this morning to Woodinville Rotary!
Our Hello Ambassador joins Woodinville Bankers: Ginny Snyder, Karen Bauer, Pamela O'Dell and Ben Willins outside their new digs at 17601 140th Ave NE.
Hello McLendon's Hardware! It is nice to formally meet you. We hope you'll join us for a party at our place on Oct 12.
Hello Mercurys Coffee! Thanks for helping us make lots of new friends. You are a local treasure!
Hello Woodinville Medical Center Pharmacy! We hope you each can come join us for lunch on Oct 12th!
Hello Woodinville Bagel Bakery! Thanks for feeding a few of our new friends! Next time, lunch is on us!
The Coastal reveal process continues!
Hello Cascade Kennels! We are Coastal Community Bank and we love our four-legged friends!
More shout outs for Mercurys Coffee and the Hilltop Center team! Founded in Woodinville, Mercurys delivers great coffee and service to the Eastside.
Hello United Metals! We are here to invite you and the Woodinville community to a party at our place October 12th!
Hello Woodinville Florist! We love the flowers from our Coastal Family! Thanks for being part of our welcoming committee!
Hello Hillcrest Training! Thanks for the invite to visit.
Heidi and team run a premier equestrian facility in beautiful Woodinville.
Looks like Sly is living up to his name... We hope he and the other horses enjoy the treats.
Tiz the season for pumpkins and spice and everything nice at Molbak's. Thanks for joining in our fun.
Hello Pony Mailbox & Business Center! You've been offering our neighbors great shipping and business services for nearly 20 years! It's nice to officially meet you!
Hello Home Court! We'd like to buy your coaches lunch. Stop by our place on Oct 12th!
Hello Woodinville Fire & Rescue! We hope your teams can meet us for lunch at our place on Oct 12th! Community is welcome here.
Hello Seattle Cinnamon Roll Company! The sweet pleasure of knowing you is all ours!
Hello Pizza Coop! We enjoyed Bryan and Christie's curiosity. Thanks for playing along and helping feed our Fire and Rescue teams.
Hello Maltby Café! You are a local legend! You make us so proud to be your neighbor...full, but proud.
Hello Northshore Schools Foundation! Woodinville is a stronger community because of you. Thanks for always championing the little guys!
Hello Homeward Pet Adoption Center! Here's to second chances and happy hearts!
Hello John L Scott Real Estate! We applaud your network of real estate partners for helping our neighbors find home success.
Hello Maltby Foodbank! Thank you so much for all YOU do! With neighbors like you we can't go wrong!
Hello RE/MAX Elite! It is fun to see you in so many of our neighborhoods. Thanks for all you do in the community!
Hello Briotech! We even got to meet co-owner and CEO, Dan Terry. We admire local innovation with global impacts. Well done neighbor!
Our thanks to Mayor Bernie Talmas and members of the Woodinville Chamber and community for coming out to celebrate with us!
The special community gift was announced: $5,000 grant for the Northshore Schools Foundation, benefitting the Woodinville Opportunity Fund.
The Big Dog Food Truck was on hand to deliver gourmet hot dogs for our guests.
Gourmet Hot Dogs were "relished" by all!
We enjoyed lunch with Kimberly Softich, Edward Jones Office Administrator and member of the Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation. This is a fun town!
Coastal Assistant Manager and Dog Walker, Ginny Snyder was joined by Homeward Pet Adoption Center Executive Director, Gary Rubin. What's better than lunch among friends!
Thanks Meg and Jenny from Evergreen Health Foundation for stopping by and supporting healthy communities!